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Gas-insulated ring main unit and Compact switchgear/H.V. Panel

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Essential details

Place of Origin: 
Brand Name: 
Model Number:
Rated Voltage: 
Rated Current: 
Product name: 
Zhejiang, China
Cavanna Electric 
6kV, 10kV, 11kV, 12.5kV, 13.8kV, 15kV, 17kV, 22kV, 
24kV, 33kV, 36kV, 40.5kV.
630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2500A
Gas Insulated Switchgear, Ring Main Unit
Power Distribution
Mechanical Life:
Rated frequency:
Rated short-circuit breaking current: 
10000 times
20, 25, 31.5, 40
1 year/customized


ItemsUnitIsolating switch unitVacuum Circuit BreakerIsolating switch unitVacuum Circuit Breaker
Rated VoltagekV12122424
Arc Quenching  Vacuum Vacuum
Rated CurrentA630/1250
Rated FrequencyHz50/60
Main Circuit ResistanceμΩ≤120
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Between Phases, Phase to earth/open contacts     
Lightning ImpulsekV6075
Rated Short-circuit Breaking CurrentkA/20/25/31.5/20/25/31.5
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Timestimes/30/30
Rated Short-circuit Making CurrentkA/50/63/50/63
Rated Short-circuit Making Timestimes/5/5
Rated Short-time Withstand CurrentkA/4s/20/25/20/25
Rated Peak Withstand CurrentkA/50/63/50/63Out
Out-of-phase Earth Fault Breaking CurrentkA/17.3/21.7/ 
Partial DischargepC≤5
IP Rating IP67
Mechanical Endurancetimes100001000030003000

Non-extended standard modules of gas insulated switchgear:

Each module of the CA-SRM switch cabinet has the following configuration:

D cabinet – Lifting module,
Standard feature in “Cable connection module without grounding switch “
C cabinet – Load switch module
Standard feature in “Load Switch Module”
F cabinet – load switch fuse combined electrical module
Standard feature in “load switch fuse combination electrical module”
V cabinet – Vacuum switch module
Standard feature in Vacuum Switch Module

Capacitive voltage indicator for linear access bushings
SF6 density gauge is installed in each chamber
Hanging lugs for lifting
operating handle

gas insulated switchgear

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Gas Insulated Switchgear:

We can provide a series of SF6 RMU components and also give the technical supporting for valued customers to produce SF6 RMU. 

  • Incoming cabinets(C cabinet)
  • Fuse cabinets(F cabinet)
  • Vcb cabinets(V cabinet)
  • PT cabinets(PT cabinet)

Gas Insulated Switchgear Common combination of cabinet as follow:

  • C+C+C
  • C+C+F
  • C+F+C
  • C+V+V
  • C+C+F+F
  • C+V+V+PT

General common gas tank combination:


Detail Of The Cabinet

The equipment can be composed of load switch unit, load switch fuse combination electrical unit, vacuum listener unit, bus bar incoming line unit. Using a series of advanced technologies and materials, it has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, is less affected by the environment and climate, is small in size, easy to install, easy to operate, requires no maintenance and has a flexible combination. The clear and intuitive design guarantees simple and direct operation. The feeder wiring capacity is large, suitable for a variety of wiring systems.

Spring Operating Mechanism

Simple operation, with interlocking device to prevent misuse.

Closed SF6 Air Tank

SF6 gas can reach 0.52Pa, using 304 stainless steel fully sealed air box.

Reliable Operation

Flexible electrical solutions, a variety of combinations, a wide range of uses.

Monitoring Instrumentation Elements

It is convenient to observe and detect the value of current and voltage at any time.

Precision Wiring

The wiring is precise and concise, and the layout of the secondary components is accurate and reasonable.

Reliable Switches

Reliable circuit breaker with long service life.

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