GIS Vacuum circuit breaker

SF6 full insulated switchgear

GIS Vacuum circuit breaker



  • CA-V-12/630A circuit breaker has the advantages of easy installation, less maintenance, long service life, small size, cheap price safe and reliable, etc.
  • This product complies with the technical requirements of IEC 62271-200″High-voltage switchgear and controlgear”.
  • The main circuit is 630A-20kA (4S) and 25kA (3S), and the mechanical life is 10000times.
  • Grounding circuit 20kA (2S), mechanical life 2000 times.

Consideration for the use of environmental conditions

  • The altitude does not exceed 2000m, the shattering of not more than 8 degrees.
  • Pollution level: II
  • The environmental temperature of the product is-40 degrees~+140 DEG C, the relative humidity is not greater than 90% per day, and the average is not more than 90% per month;
  • The installation site of frequent and violent shock, water vapor, chemical corrosion deposition, salt fog, dust, dirt and fire, which obviously affect the performance of the mechanism, are not suitable for the installation of explosive dangerous installations


Main technical parameters

Serial number ContentCompanyTechnical parameter
1Main circuit resistance of circuilt breaker≤30
3Open distancemm8-10
5Mean speed of gate separationm/s0.6-1.4
6Closing average speedm/s0.4-1.1
7Three phases of switching offms≤2
8 Closing three phasesms≤2

Overall dimension

SF6 RMU Vacuum-circuit-breaker