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Gas-insulated ring main unit and Compact switchgear


As a professional manufacturer of medium and high voltage electrical components, CAVANNA can provide customers with high-quality products and professional services.

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CAVANNA is primarily engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Medium Voltage electrical element, such as RMU, switchgear, breaker, SF6 breaker, operating mechanism, solid insulation switchgear, other elements for switchgear and so on. Also, we have our own design technical team.



Depending on the level of voltage you are looking for, we will offer a customized solution in switchgear. Let us know the purpose for which you are looking to buy switchgear, and we will provide the best results to you.

Installation Place

Depending on where you will install the switchgear, we will customize it so that it is best suited for the location and lasts long.

Technical Parameter

We can also customize particular switchgear based on the specific requirements of our clients when it comes to technical parameters. That said, the number of poles, rated current, etc., is all that we can modify as per needs.


Professional Project Management

To ensure that your order runs smoothly, we will assist you every step of the process and inform you of the progress of every project. Our team provides accurate product inspection reports that show our commitment to fulfilling your requirements with the most effective manufacturing methods and services.


High Quality Certificates

Our experts pay attention to quality, and our high-quality design and manufacturing experience set us apart from our competitors. Our compact switchgear could meet the factories which don't have enough room but need high voltage.


Business covers the world

We are a global switchgear supplier and other electrical components. Our products and services have been widely used all over China and the other markets located globally. The quality of our switchgear has gained the trust and repeat orders from some top international electric companies.


Connecting With The Client is Our Starting Point

In creating the right switchgear product for your business, we go through a meticulous consultation to learn all of your requirements and preferences. We provide a range of professional solutions to match your needs and recommend acceptable substitutes that help your operations.

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Components of RM6

RM6 is composed of a cabinet and various internal parts. The main components include vacuum circuit breaker, spring operating mechanism, earthing switch, bushing, etc. 

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