Medium Voltage Switchgear



Medium Voltage Switchgear

Detail Of Medium Voltage Switchgear

Electrical switching devices protect electrical systems by controlling, regulating, and opening or closing electrical circuits in the event of a fault or overload. CAVANNA is a meticulous switchgear manufacturer producing high quality and cost effective custom electrical switchgear and switchgear solutions. Our switchgear systems are encapsulated in high quality galvalume sheet for excellent corrosion resistance. We offer electrical switchgear of modular design that can be quickly installed and easily configured to work in any facility.

Shell Material

The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and aluminum-zinc coated plate. The surface is treated with electrostatic spraying of epoxy resin foam.

Structural Design

The internal structure is clearly distributed, and the orderly position makes the structure more stable, and the power interface is firm and not easy to fall off.

Internal Accessories

High-quality switch accessories are used inside, so that the switchgear can run stably for a long time. While increasing the service life, it also keeps the switchgear stable.

By different Installation location

Based on the location of metal-clad switchgear installation, we manufacture different kinds of switchgear to serve different purposes. Depending on where you want to install switchgear, you can choose to go with one of the options listed below.

Outdoor Switchgear

The metal enclosed switchgear manufactured by our team offers outstanding reliability for all electrical work done. We are one of the leading manufacturing companies of the latest electrical switchgear solutions for all kinds of electricity-related works of all scales.

Indoor Switchgear

We design air insulated switchgear to work well in low voltage units. We produce indoor switchgear on a large scale and offer quality solutions to help you obtain maximum benefits. The switchgear manufactured is all quality-tested and dependable.

Switchgears are available with different voltage capacities to serve different needs. We are one of the best switchgear manufacturers, manufacturing all different types. This solid insulated switchgear is linked directly to the power supply system, and based on the voltage level, they are classified into three categories.

By different voltage

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage switchgear deals with low voltages of up to 1KV. It generally consists of LV circuit breakers, switches, molded case circuit breakers, etc.

Medium Voltage Switchgear

The medium voltage switchgear manufactured is ideal for power systems that handle the middle range of the power supply. It deals up to 36KV. The mid voltage switchgear is available in different types, like the Ring Main Unit RMU outdoor and indoor type, and the no metal-enclosed switchgear type.

High Voltage Switchgear

The power system above 36KV is classified as high voltage switchgear. We take special care while designing this particular choice since it is a significant type.

What's in Medium Voltage Switchgear

Medium Voltage Switchgear contains fuses, switches, and other power conductors. However, circuit breakers are the most common component found in switchgear. During an electrical fault, a circuit breaker will sense the anomaly and interrupt the power flow, effectively limiting damage to the system.

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