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DC power screen


DC power screen



This new generation of microcomputer controlled direct-current power supply panel GZDW/GZTW series adopts integrated module structure,is mainly composed of monitoring module, rectifier module, insulated monitoring module, battery inspection module,AC/C monitoring moduleswitching value monitoring module, step-down module, distribution unit, storage battery and cabinet body, is featured with flexible configurationstable performance, friendly interface, simple operation, intellectualized management, etc. The products are widely applied to various power plantstransformer substations, mobil communication station, industrial and mining enterprises, electrified railways, airports, havens, high-rise building, sresidential areas,etc, also can be used as operating and control source of high-voltage switch, electromechanical protection, automatic device communication equipment,SPC exchange,electric carrier and other equipment.

Scope of application

This microcomputer controlled direct-current power supply panel RZ-GZDW-1/2/3/4 is an integrated power supply panel especially designed forusers of diferent capacity. The system is mainly composed of monitoring module, rectifier module, AC/DC monitoring module, insulated monitoringmodule, battery inspection module, switching value monitoring module, step-down module, is featured with stable performance, friendly interfacesimple operation, intellectualized management, etc.The products are applicable to transformer substations of diferent voltage class, power plantsindustrial and mining enterprises. electrified railways, high-rise buildings,etc, also can be used as operating and control source of high-voltage switchrelay protection and automatic device.

Industry Standard

  • DL/T459-2000 Specifications of D.C supply cabinet in power system
  • DL/T637-1997 Specification for order of the valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries
  • DL/T724-2000 Specification of operation and maintenance of battery DC power supply equipment for electric power system
  • DL/T781-2001 High frequency switching converter module in power systemDL/T856-2004 DCelectrical source supervisor for electric power
  • DL/T857-2004 Specification of rectification inversion equipment for battery of power plant and substation
  • DL/T5044-2004 Technical code for designing DC system of power projectsDL/T5120-2000 DC System design code for small electric power project


ItemParameter index
Rated input voltage380VAC±20%          220VAC±20%
Rated ouput voltage220VDC、110VDC
Rated output current6A、10A、12A、20A、30A、40A、50A、60A、70A、80A、90A、100A、120A、130A、150A、180A、200A、260A、300A,etc.
Capacity of storage battery7Ah、10Ah、20Ah、38Ah、65Ah、100Ah、150Ah、200Ah、300Ah、500Ah、600Ah、800Ah、1000Ah、1500Ah、2000Ah,etc
Accuracy of voltage stabilization≤±0.5%
Accuracy of current stabilization≤±0.5%
Ripple coef cient≤±0.1%
Frequency of power grid50Hz±10%
Power factor>0.95% Full-load output
Insulating strength>10M、2kVAC No ashover or breakdown for 1min
Working modeLong term continuous running
Cooling modeIntelligent temperature-control type air cooling, high-efficient natural cooling
Audible noise≤50dB

System Features

1)Two circuits of alternating-current input transfer automatically, ensuring normal running of system;

2) Wide input voltage range, strong power grid adaptability;

3) Adoption of high-frequency switching power supply technology, modularized design, N+ 1 hot standby, high reliability;

4) The rectifier module adopts live hot plug, convenient and quick daily maintenance;

5) High-accurate dynamic current sharing; independent, controlling or controlled running is available:

6)LCD screen, touch screen and colorized touch screen are available for selection, big screen with images and characters, has friendly interface, simple and convenient operation;

7)The monitor will carry out al-around monitoring and control to the running of system, it can realize system seting, information query, as welas”remote measurement,remote control, remote signaling, remote adjustment”four-remote function to the system through background monitoring and remote monitoring, realize unattended operation;

8)The monitor is able to control the voltage of storage battery, charging/discharging current and temperature compensation of storage batteryaccurately, has over/under volage and over-temperature alarm as well as fault alarm, ensuring optimum state of storage battery, prolong the servicelife of storage battery;

9) Functions of manual and automatic voltage regulation, as well as branch insulation detection;

10) Reliable lightning proof and excellent insulating protection measures, guaranteeing safety for system and person;

11)RS232 and RS485 two communication interfaces, and RTU,CDT, MODBUS three types of communication protocols issued by Ministry ofElectric Power for selection;

12) With expansion interface, can switch in other external equipment;

13)lt can realize two groups of storage battery independent charging and discharging management by adopting a set of monitoring system, twogroups of storage battery, two groups of charging device and bus segment.