GIS Fully sealed spring operating mechanism

10kV-24kV SF6 Gas insulated switchgear

Fully sealed spring operating mechanism


Unsealed switchgear generally produces condensations inside. Condensations generally has two effects on electrical equipment, one is insulation, and the other is mechanical transmission. So CAVANNA launched a fully sealed spring operating mechanism, which is specially used to solve the impact of condensation on electrical equipment.


1. The structure is stable and mature.

The sealing operating mechanism is improved from the spring operating mechanism, which not only has the advantages of the spring operating mechanism, but also further improves the sealing performance of the mechanism.

2. Adopt plastic case.

Compared with the iron shell, the plastic shell is more portable and beautiful, and the size is more uniform.

3. Adopt metal panel.

With the metal panel, the expandability is improved. Interlock is also designed in it, which improves safety and prevents misoperation.


4. Adopt rectangular aviation plug.

Compared with round aviation plugs, rectangular aviation plugs are more convenient to use. It is more convenient to plug and unplug when connecting with the secondary line of the mechanism.

Fully sealed operating mechanism