Single-phase Oil-type Transformer

Single-phase Oil-type Transformer

Single-phase Oil-type Transformer


The single-phase pole-mounted distribution transformers are specifically designed for the decentralization distribution network of servicing residential overhead distribution loads of town and countryside.

They are also suitable for light and diversified power applications. These transformers are designed for the application conditions normally encountered on electrie utility power distribution systems.

Offers 2 basic transformer types and two kinds of metal core types Conventional type and Complete Self Protect type, and for the transformer core 

Two types of materials are available:C.R.G.O. wound core and amorphous metal core.


Common power ratings:


  1. Meet orexceeds ANSI. IEC. GB. SANS. Standards

  2. Safe handling,Installation and Operation

  3. Attractive, modern appearance

  4. Reasonable Structure

  5. Fully-sealed

  6. Higher system reliability

  7. High security and reliability in operation

  8. High capacity of overload and efficiency

  9. Robust construction having excellent short circuit and thermal withstand capabilities

  10. Transformers are more efficient by Reduced no-load losses and Reduced load losses

As per IEC /BSEN 60076 standards these are

set in accordance with the highest voltage for the material,

being the level immediately above the rated voltage.


As per IEC/BSEN 60076 , in normal operating mode:

• 60º K max. in oil

• 65º K average in windings

Other temperature rise levels on demand.