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Low-voltage reactive power intelligent compensation device




GGJ low-voltage reactive power compensation device using computer-aided design (CAD), the introduction of microcomputer control. inteligent implementation of inteligent tracking compensation,its reasonable structure, advanced technology, widely used in low-voltage power grid,improveower factor, reduce reactive power loss, improve power supply guality, is a new generation of energy-saving products.Dedicated to the 130-600K V three-phase transformer reactive power compensation.

Main feature

◇Intelligent controller control, full-featured. Reliable performance, automatic compensation: can increase the power factor to 0.9 or more; 

◇Real-time display power grid power factor, display range: lag (0.00-0.99), ahead (0.00-0.99);

◇With over-voltage, harmonic, over compensation, system failure, lack of phase, overload and other comprehensive protection;

◇Memory has been set parameters, the system will not lose the parameters after power failure, the grid back to normal, automatically enter therunning state, no personnel on duty;

◇According to the grid load balance, to take the phase compensation or mixed compensation;

◇Anti-interference ability, can withstand the direct input from the grid amplitude of 2000V interference pulse, higher than the nationalprofessionalstandards;

Working conditions


◇Ambient temperature:-20℃~+45℃;

◇Relative humidity:≤90% at 20℃;

◇Installation environment:no harmful gases and steam,no conductive or explosive dust and serious mold.

The main technical parameters

◇Rated voltage: 0.38-0.66kV;

◇Rated frequency: 50Hz;

◇Rated capacity: 1-600kvar;

◇Applicable voltage range: (0.85-1.1) times the rated voltage;

◇Maximum allowable current: 1.3 times the rated current;

◇Control circuit: 1-16 loop;

◇Switching time: 1-150s 1 times, adjustable;

◇Work: automatic, continuous operation.

Distribution network detection function

◇real-time measurement and the whole point of the record transformer low-voltage side of the three-phase voltage, current, frequency, activepower, reactive power, power factor, active power, reactive power;voltage and current total distortion rate and 2-25 Subharmonic content;

◇RS-232 and RS-485 interface, can be handheld computer data copy, but also through the remote communication function to achieve wirele5:meter reading, device testing, parameter settings and time measurement data and records Data reading;

◇Data analysis function: the operatlon load data can be analyzed and processed, statistical query; comprehensive analysis of power supplyquality, calculate the voltage pass rate, power supply load rate, reliabilit.and maximum load rate; Query power factor, active power and reactive power; draw cach phase voltage,current,power factor curve; print comprehensive analysis and statistical reports.