CA HBLQ-17/50 Series

Back-Elbow type Lightning Arrester, 17kV surge arrester Series

17kV 50A


CA HBLQ-17/50(45)kV European-style followed by arrester provide a reliable protective medium voltage network. Using the semi-conductive shield to make sure the person is safe and the equipment can work well, also they have the high quantity to make sure they can work in the Circumstances.



 Product Structure

1. Insulation layer: The unique formula and mixing technology ensure the high quality of prefabricated EPDM insulating rubber.

2. Outer semi-conductive layer: prefabricated EPDM conductive rubber complies with IEEE592 standard.

3. Surge arrester core: It is composed of zinc oxide arrester valve plate processed by special process.

4. Copper bottom cover: The copper bottom cover is closely combined with the outer conductive layer of the arrester to make the arrester effectively waterproof and provide a grounding point for the arrester.

5. Grounding wire: The grounding wire at the lower end of the arrester is used to effectively connect the lightning impulse voltage to the grounding position. ,

6. Inner semi-conductive layer: Prefabricated EPDM conductive rubber can effectively control electrical stress.

7. Stud bolts: Tinned copper bolts ensure a tight fit between the conductor and the casing.

8. Insulator end cap: make the product have the function of insulation and sealing.

Order Number

DescriptionReference No_
17/50kV European-style followed by arresterCA HBLQ-17/50
17/45kV European-style followed by arresterCA HBLQ-17/45