Gas insulated switch

Cavanna GIS RMU

We can provide a series of SF6 RMU components and also give the technical supporting for valued customers to produce SF6 RMU. 

  • Incoming cabinets(C cabinet)
  • Fuse cabinets(F cabinet)
  • Vcb cabinets(V cabinet)
  • PT cabinets(PT cabinet)

Common combination of cabinet as follow:

  • C+C+C
  • C+C+F
  • C+F+C
  • C+V+V
  • C+C+F+F
  • C+V+V+PT
ItemUnitC CabinetF CabinetV CabinetCB Cabinet
LBSLBS+FuseVacuum circuit switchDisconnecting switch
/ground switch
Vacuum circuit breakerDisconnecting switch
/ground switch
Rated voltageKV 1212121212
Rated frequencyHZ505050505050
Withstand voltageKV42/4842/4842/4842/4842/4842/48
Rated current A630 630 1250/630 
Breaking capacity       
Rated open circuit currentA630     
Rated peak withstand currentkA50     
Rated short-time withstand currentkA/3520     
Rated short circuit breaking currentkA 31.520 25 
Rated transfer currentA 1700    
Max fuse currentA 125    
mechanical service lifeTime500030005000200050005000