Indoor Vacuum Circuuit Breaker

12kV 24kV Drawout type

630A  1250A   2000A   3150A    4000A




Indoor Vacuum Circuuit Breaker

CA-VS1 series medium voltage vacuum circuit-breakers with lateral operating mechanism feature the separate pole construction technique.

Each pole houses a vacuum interrupter which is encased in the resin when the cylinder is moulded thanks to a special manufacturing process.

This construction method protects the vacuum interrupter from shock, pollution and condensation.

The operating mechanism is the EL trip-free stored energy type with independent opening and closing regardless of the operator’s action. The EL operating mechanism is widely used in all CA-VS1 series circuit-breakers with frontal control.

The circuit-breaker can be remote controlled when fitted with dedicated electrical accessories (gearmotor, opening and closing release).

The operating mechanism, the three poles and the current sensors (if installed) are assembled on a metal frame without wheels. The construction is extremely compact, strongly built and low in weight.

CA-VS1 series circuit-breakers with lateral operating mechanisms are life-long sealed pressure devices (Standards IEC 62271-100 and CEI EN 62271-100).

CA-VS1 vacuum circuit breakers have been designed for indoor use and air insulated switchboards.

Their switching capacity is sufficient to handle any conditions arising from switching of equipment and system components under normal operating and fault conditions, particularly short-circuits, within the parameters of their technical data. The vacuum circuit-breakers of type CA-VS1, designed in column form, can be supplied both as individual units for fixed installation and mounted on chassis. Vacuum circuit-breakers are characterized by their simple and robust construction. They have a long life expectancy. There is no adverse effect on the vacuum, even from frequent switching of operating and short-circuit currents.


Indoor Vacuum Circuuit Breaker

Technical Parameters

Rated voltagekV1224
Rated frequencyHz5050
Power frequency withstand voltage (1 min)kV75/85125/145
Rated currentA630, 1250, 2000, 3150, 4000630, 1250, 2000, 3150, 4000
Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA25 31.5 4025, 31.5 40
Rated short-circuit making current(peak)kA63 80 10063, 80, 100
Rated operating sequence 〇-0.3s-C〇-180s-c〇 0-I80s-C0-180s-CO(40kA)〇-0.3s-C〇-180s-c〇 0-I80s-C0-180s-CO(40kA)
Mechanical enduranceTimes1000010000