ZW32Q-12 type dual power supply automatic conversion high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker outside the city


630A   1250A


ZW□ Q-12 series outdoor dual power supply automatic switching vacuum circuit breaker, when the common power supply fails, the switching device can complete the automatic switching with the equipment power supply to ensure reliability and safety. It can also select and switch between two power sources according to the needs of the load. The product has overload and short-circuit protection functions and an interlock design. It is especially suitable for important places where power interruption is not allowed. As an important electrical control device to ensure continuous power supply, it is a self-injection and self-recovery dual-circuit power automatic switching device matched with a high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker. It is a new generation of dual power supply automatic switching products with novel design, perfect performance, safety and reliability, high degree of automation and wide application range. The products are widely used in 10KV power distribution lines in oil fields and mines, and 10KV lines in industrial and mining industries.


Main parameters of circuit breaker

1Rated voltagekV12 
2Rated currentA6301250
3Rated insulation levelPower frequency withstand voltage (1min)kV42
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value)kV75
4Secondary circuit 1min power frequency withstand voltagekV2
5Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA16/2020
6Rated short-circuit making current (peak value)kA40/5050
7Rated peak withstand currentkA40/5050
84S rated short-time withstand currentkA16/2020
9Nominal operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
10Rated short-circuit current breaking timestimes30
11Mechanical lifetimes10000
12Operating voltage and auxiliary circuit rated voltageVDC、AC110,200、AC48,24
13Allowable wear thickness of moving and static contactsmm3
14Rated current of overcurrent releaseA5

The main technical parameters of the controller

1Rated voltageVAC220
2Rated frequencyHz50
3Waveform distortion <10%
4Overcurrent adjustable rangeA4-7
5Over speed adjustable rangeA4-16