outdoor prepaid metering vacuum circuit breaker


630A   1250A


Zw32P-12 Series outdoor prepaid & metering vacuum circuit breaker is a 3-phase AC, 50, 60 Hz, rated voltage of 12 KV outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, having metering function to be a integrated switching unit. Equipped with 3-phase multi-function meter the unit realizes switching off or closing load current, overload current and short-circuit current of distribution system. As a high-precision medium-voltage metering device, it also has multi-function display that are displaying active power, reactive power, active demand, power factors, prepaid amount, rate of payment, all measurement, settlement, accounting functions. Having used International standard IC card and RS485 interface, infrared communication, large screen LCD display and many other advanced technologies, it can flexibly pre-set a variety of functions, such as overload alarm and automatic power off, phase missing alarm, recording, automatic meter reading. This function can be make use of IC card or laptop computer as a medium to exchange information transmission between user and compute of power supply department. The power sector can choose one or more transmission modes according to local specific conditions. It is convenient for the electric power department to realize computer network management, so as to meet the requirement of effective and timely modern management for users.


Technical parameters of the circuit breaker

1Rated voltagekV1224
2Rated frequencyHz50
3Rated currentA6301250
4Rated short circuit breaking currentkA2025
5Rated peak withstand current (peak)kA5063
6Rated short time withstand current / durationkA/s20/425/4
7Rated short-circuit current (peak)kA5063
8Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
9Mechanical lifetimeCircuit Breaker 10000
Disconnector 20000
10Rated current breaking timestime10000
11Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking timestime30
12Power frequency withstand voltage (1min):( wet) phase-to-ground (dry), phases, / fracturekV34/42/4950/65/79
13Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak:phase-to-ground (dry), phases, / fracturekV75/85125/145
14Secondary circuit 1min power frequency withstand voltageV2000
15weightkg=< 100=< 150

Mechanical parameters

1Open contactsmm9 ± 112 ± 1
2Contact Overtravelmm2 (0 / +1)3(0/+1)
3Opening speedm / s1.2±0.21.4±0.3
4Closing speedm / s0.65±0.20.7±0.2
5Contact closing bounce timems=< 3
6White center distancemm280±2340±2380±2
7Three-phase closing different periodms=< 2
8Breaker loop resistanceµ Ω< 80
9Closing timems25 – 60
10Opening timems18 – 45
11Energy storage motor rated powerW4070