ZW32C2-12 Automatic Recloser High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker With Disconn Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Products details:


ZW32C2-12 series outdoor high voltage vacuum breaker is produced by Cavanna Electric Co., Ltd., used in AC 50Hz,rated voltage 12kV three-phase power system for closing/breaking load current,overcurrent and short-circuit current.the breakercan equip with reclosing controller to identiy break current characteristics and achieve multiple automatic reclosing or faultisolation.Self-provided PT as a power source,it becomes a smart circuit breake able to controlr with signal output of voltage and current.The electronic PT provides power supply and can complete three-stage composite protection of overcurrent delay, inrush current delay, and short-circuit and quick-break.

Working condition:

  • Altitude:1000m
  • Ambient air temperature:-40~ +40; Daily temperature difference:25
  • Wind speed:34m/s (Equal to 700Pa over cylindrical surface)
  • Earthquake intensty:8 degree
  • Relative humidity: Monthly average90%; Daily average95%
  • Ice thickness:10mm
  • Applicable occasions should free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives and severe vibrations

Technical parameter

Rated voltagekV24
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated currentA630/1250
Rated short circuit breaking currentkA16/20
Rated short circuit closing current (peak)
Rated short-time withstand current (4s)kA16/20
Rated withstand current (peak)
Mechanical lifeTimesSpring Operation 10000/Permanent Magnetic 30000
Rated operation order
Breaking times of rated short circuit breaking current
Power frequency withstand voltage (1min)kV
65/79(to ground, inter-pole/fracture)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)kV
96/110 ( inter-pole/fracture)
Closing timems25~60
Total breaking timems≤100
Arcing timems≤20
Rated input power of energy storage motorW40
Rated closing voltage and rated opening voltage



Motor energy storage time
Secondary circuit power frequency withstand voltage (1min


ItemClosing coilOpening coilOver-current tripping coil
Rated voltage (V)220220 
Rated working current(A)





Voltage and current rang under normal workingAction on 65%-110% of rated voltageAction on 65%-110% of rated voltage avoid tripping under less than 30% of rated voltageAction on 65%-110% of rated voltage avoid tripping under less than 90% of rated voltage

Product feature

  • Mini vacuum arc extinguish; High reliability; Small volume; Long life time; Fixed inside the epoxy resin.
  • Epoxy resin sealing anti-ozone,anti-ultraviolet;It is firm, light and convenience for transportation.
  • Spring Mechanism and Permanent Magnetic;reliable performance, maintenance free.
  • Manual and motor closing & opening. It can be operated by manual and motor, a signal of C/O and storage in outside.
  • Switch case: Aluminum alloy material, Stainless steel and Armor plate.
  • Extension for disconnection switch voltage transformer and recloser control.