Outdoor Vacuum Circuuit Breaker


630A  1250A  1600A


ZW32-40.5 outdoor high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker adopts a unique design of integrated solid sealed pole and a highly reliable operating mechanism. The device is mainly used in medium voltage overhead line power grid as load current, overload current and short-circuit current.


1Rated voltagekV40.5
2rated currentA630/1250/1600
3rated frequencyHz50 or 60
4Power frequency withstand voltage 1min (wet) (thousand) phase-to-ground/fracturekV95/118
5Lightning impulse withstand current (peak value) phase-to-ground/fracturekV185/215
6Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA25/31.5
7Rated short-circuit making current (peak value)kA63/80
8Rated peak withstand currentkA63/80
9Rated short-time withstand current and timekA/s25/31.5/4s
10Rated operating cycle O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
11Rated short-circuit current breaking timestimes30
12Mechanical lifetimes10000
13Mechanism control voltageVAC/DC220
14Secondary circuit 1min power frequency withstand voltagekV2
15Contact distancemm17±1
16Contact overtravelmm4±0.5
17Opening speedm/s1.6±0.3
18Closing speedm/s1.6±0.3
19Contact closing bounce timems≤3
20phase center distancemm460±2
21Three-phase opening and closing asynchronousms≤2
22Conducting loop resistance of each phaseμΩ<80
23Closing timems≤100
24Opening timems≤50