Outdoor Vacuum Circuuit Breaker


630A  1250A


ZW32-24 outdaoor HV vacuum circuit breaker is a 3-phase AC 50Hz 24kV outdoor switch equipment.
◇ Installation way: pole mounted;
◇ Operating mechanism: spring operating mechanism and permanent magnetic operating mechanism;
◇ Pole type: integrated pole;
◇ Application: outdoor 24kV substation, power plant.
◇ Operation type: manual, electric, remote control.


1Rated voltageKv24
2Rated frequencyHz50
3Rated currentA6301250
4Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA2025
5Rated peak withstand current(peak)kA5063
6Rated short-circuit closing current(peak)kA4063
7Rated short-time withstand current and durationkA/S20/425/4
8Rated operation sequence O-0 . 3s-CO-180s-CO
9Mechanical lifeTimes10000
10Breaking times of  rated short-circuit breaking currentTimes20
111min power frequency withstand voltage(wet) over the groundlinter phase/fracturekV50/65
(dry) over the groundlinter phaseffracture65/79
Secondary loop3
12Lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak)  Overthe group,interphase/fractureKA125/145