Outdoor Vacuum Circuuit Breaker




The ZW32-12 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is used in a three-phase power system with AC 50H and voltage 10-12KV. It is used for breaking and closing load current. It has overload and short-circuit protection functions to meet control and measurement requirements. Remote control, monitoring, etc. It is suitable for protection and control in power distribution systems of substations and industrial and mining enterprises, as well as frequent operation places in rural power grids.


1Rated voltagekV12
2Rated insulation level1min power frequency withstand voltageDry test42
Wet test34
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value)75
3Rated currentA630;400;200
4Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA20;16;12.5
5Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO180s-CO
6Rated short circuit breaking timestimes30
7Rated short-circuit making current (peak value)kA50
8Rated peak withstand current
9Rated short circuit withstand current20
10Rated short circuit durations4
11Opening time (shunt trip)MAX operating voltagems15~50
Rated operating voltage
Min operating voltage30~60
12Closing timems25~50
13full breaking time≤100
14Arcing time≤20
15Mechanical lifetimes10000
16Rated input power of energy storage motorW40
17Rated operating voltage and auxiliary circuit rated voltageVDC220/110/24
18Energy storage time at rated voltages≤100
19Overcurrent releaseRated currentA5
Trip current accuracy%±10