Indoor earthing switch,Grounding switch

11kV 12kV

JN4-12 Indoor earthing switch


JN4-12 earthing switch


JN4-12 indoor high voltage grounding switch, or earthing switch which is developed by our company.

The product has the characteristics of advanced design, simple and compact structure, reliable technical performance, Products meet China standard: GB1985-2004 “AC high voltage isolating switch and grounding switch” and International Electrotechnical Commission standard:  IEC62271-102:2002, suitable for indoor 6kV 10kV 11kV 12KV three-phase AC power system 50 (60) Hz; it has the ability to switch short-circuit protection equipment other electrical equipment is not damaged, can be matched with various high voltage switchgear. As the grounding protection of high voltage electrical equipment maintenance.

We also have motor type, with electric control function, it can realize remote control grounding.


JN4-12 earthing switch


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JN4-12 earthing switch