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JN22 Earthing switch


JN22-40.5/31.5 earthing switch


JN22-40.5/31.5 type indoor high voltage earthing switch is the assembly type products, its performance meet GB1985-2004 High Voltage AC Disconnector and Earthing Switch and the requirements of standard IEC62271-102:2002. The products suit for power system with 40.5kV, 3 phase, AC, 50(60) Hz; it can match with GPN1-40.5kV high voltage switchgear or other similar equipment. It is applicable for high voltage switchgear arrangement as the earthing protection when maintenance.

Standard working condition
1. Altitude sea level not exceeding 1000m;
2. Ambient air temperature: +45℃ ,-25℃ ;
3. Seismic intensity not exceeding 8 degree;
4. Related humidity daily average value not more than 95%,
monthly average not more than 90%;
5. Pollution class: II
Special condition: Please specify when ordering.


JN22-40.5/31.5 earthing switch


Rated voltagekV36/38/40.5
Rated short-time withstand current(4s)kA31.5
Rated short-circuit close currentkA80
Rated peak withstand currentkA80
Phase distancemm300,350,400
Rated insulation level1min Power frequency withstand voltagekVPhase to earth/between phase95
Lighting impulse withstand voltage185


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