Indoor earthing switch


JN22 Earthing switch



JN22-40.5/31.5 earthing switch

JN22-40.5/31.5 indoor high voltage grounding switch grounding switch is developed by our company. The product has the characteristics of advanced design, simple and compact structure, reliable technical performance, in line with GB1985-2004 “AC high voltage isolating switch and grounding switch” and the requirements of IEC62271-102:2002, suitable for indoor 12KV three-phase AC power system 50 (60) Hz; it has the ability to switch short-circuit protection equipment other electrical equipment is not damaged, can be matched with various high voltage switchgear. As the grounding protection of high voltage electrical equipment maintenance.



JN22-40.5/31.5 earthing switch

Rated voltagekV36/38/40.5
Rated short-time withstand current(4s)kA31.5
Rated short-circuit close currentkA80
Rated peak withstand currentkA80
Phase distancemm300,350,400
Rated insulation level(1min)Power frequency withstand voltagekVPhase to earth/between phase95
Lighting impulse withstand voltage185

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Overall dimension

JN22-40.5 31.5 Indoor earthing switch

                                                                                                                                                                                         JN22-40.5/31.5 earthing switch