Indoor earthing switch,grounding switch

24kV 40kA

Indoor earthing switch



JN15-24/31.5 earthing switch


JN15-24 indoor high voltage Earthing switch/Grounding switch is developed by our company. The product has the characteristics of advanced design, simple and compact structure, reliable technical performance, in line with GB1985-2004 “AC high voltage isolating switch and grounding switch” and the requirements of IEC62271-102:2002, suitable for indoor 12KV three-phase AC power system 50 (60) Hz; it has the ability to switch short-circuit protection equipment other electrical equipment is not damaged, can be matched with various high voltage switchgear. As the grounding protection of high voltage electrical equipment maintenance.

Ambient condition:

  1. Ambient temperature scope: form -10°C to 40°C
  2. Altitude not more than 1000m
  3. Relative humidity: average everday not exceeding 95%    Monthly average not more than 80%
  4. Pollution level: II



JN15-24/31.5 earthing switch

Rated voltagekV24
Rated short-time withstand currentkA31.5
Rated short-circuit durations4
Rated short-circuit close currentkA80
Rated peak withstand currentkA80
Rated insulation level1min Power frequency withstand voltagekVPhase to earth/between phase65
Lighting impulse withstand voltage125
 Mechanical endurancetimes2000

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