EK6-12 Series

Earthing switch, Grounding switch

6kV 12kV


EK6-12.31.5 Indoor earthing switch


EK6-12 Earthing switch, Grounding switch

EK6-12 indoor AC high voltage Earthing switches is an advanced level product with high-tech parameters performance. After comprehensive evaluation, it conforms to GB1985 and IEC62271 standard, applies to power system of 3-12kV and three-phase AC 50Hz. It owns short-circuit making capacity to protect other electric equipment not being damaged. Can be used with various high voltage switchgear, also play a protective role in the high voltage electrical equipment overhaul.

Earthing switches are intended to use for the MV switchgears or in MV switching stations.

There shall have no conductive dust, no corrosive gasess, no severe vobaration and impact. no combustion and explosion on the site for switch operating.

Ambient condition:

  1. Ambient temperature scope: form -10°C to 40°C
  2. Altitude not more than 1000m
  3. Relative humidity: average everday not exceeding 95%

Monthly average not more than 80%

  1. Pollution level: II