Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector Switch


(H)GW9-12-15KV Disconnector Switch


GW9-12-15KV (W) type outdoor high-voltage disconnector is suitable for power systems with AC 50Hz and rated working voltage of 10KV to cut off and close single-phase or three-phase circuits with no load and voltage.
GW9-12-15KV (W) series outdoor high-voltage isolating switch is a high-voltage switchgear with unipolar structure. It is used for opening and closing circuits when there is voltage and no load in the outdoor 12 kV line network. Equipped with fixed hooks and self-locking devices, flexible and reliable, and operated with insulating hook rods. Among them, the anti-pollution outdoor high-voltage isolating switch can meet the requirements of users in severely polluted areas.


ModelRated voltage (kV)Rated current (A)4S thermal stability current (effective value) (A)Dynamic steady current (peak value) (A)Full wave shock withstand voltagePower frequency withstand voltage
Phase-to-ground (KV)Between fractures (kV)Phase-to-ground (KV)Between fractures (kV)
(H) GW9-15W/20015200125003150075853842
(H) GW9-15W/40015400125003150075853842
(H) GW9-15W/63015630125003150075853842

Environmental Conditions

1. The altitude does not exceed 1000m;
2. Ambient air temperature: upper limit +40°C, lower limit -30°C in general areas, -40°C in alpine areas;
3. The wind pressure should not exceed 700Pa. (equivalent to wind speed 34m/s);
4. The seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
5. No places with frequent and severe vibrations;
6. There should be no gas, steam, chemical deposits, salt spray, dust and other explosive and corrosive substances that seriously affect the insulation and conductivity of the disconnector in the ordinary installation site;
7. The anti-pollution type is suitable for heavily polluted areas, but there should be no fire and explosive substances.