GN5-35 Series

Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector Switch

35kV 110kV

GW5-35 disconnector switch


GW5 series outdoor AC isolating switch is an outdoor high-voltage electrical equipment with AC 52Hz. Rated voltage levels are 40.5kV, 72.5kV, 126kV. It is used for electrical isolation between electrical equipment and live high-voltage lines, and can also be used for switching small capacitive or inductive currents.
This series of outdoor isolating switches complies with the relevant provisions of GB1985 “AC High Voltage Isolating Switches and Earthing Switches”, IEC60129 “AC Isolating Switches and Earthing Switches” and GB/T11022 “General Technical Conditions for High Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Standards”.


1Rated voltagekV35,110
2Rated currentA630,1000,1250
3Mechanical life timestimes≥2000
4Static tensionNFa=800   Fb=200
5Operating torqueNm300

Environmental Conditions

1. The altitude does not exceed 3000M;
2. The upper limit of ambient temperature is 40°C, and the lower limit is -25°C;
3. The wind speed does not exceed 35m/s;
4. The seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
5. The thickness of pollution does not exceed Grade III;
6. The thickness of ice coating is not more than 10mm;
7. The installation site should be free from flammable, explosive, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

Structure and Features

The single pole of each isolating switch consists of two post insulators, which are respectively fixed on a base, and the intersection angle is 50° to form a V-shaped structure, which is mainly composed of the following parts: base part, post insulator, terminal block part, contact part, grounding Knives, grounding static contacts, terminal blocks, etc.
The isolating switch is divided into three types: non-grounding, single-grounding and double-grounding. There is a mechanical interlock between the main shaft and the grounding knife, and it is equipped with an auxiliary switch. There are two operating modes of the switch: manual and electric.
The isolating switch has the following characteristics:
1. Flexible rotation and free opening and closing. Due to the use of rolling bearing transmission. Therefore, it is more flexible during the rotation process. The operation is relatively labor-saving.
2. It is driven by a bevel gear mechanism to ensure that the opening and closing actions of the two columns are consistent.
3. The opening and closing limit device ensures that the contacts are in the best position. At the same time, the handle is locked by the lock ring after the operation, so as to avoid free opening and closing under the action of unconscious external force, thereby ensuring the reliability of the opening and closing position.
4. The contact opening distance is large, and there is enough margin for insulation and isolation fractures, thus ensuring its safety.
5. There are three methods of grounding and non-grounding. There is a reliable mechanical interlock between the spindle and the grounding to ensure safety. Users can choose the grounding method according to their needs.
6. According to the convenience of the user, the operating mechanism can be installed under any pole, and the operating effect is the same.