GN4-12(40.5) Series

Outdoor Disconnector Switch

12kV 40.5kV

GW4-12(40.5) Outdoor Disconnector Switch


GW4-12 (40.5) series of outdoor isolating switches are suitable for outdoor AC 50HZ, rated voltages of 12KV and 40.5KV power systems, and are used as switching circuits when there is voltage and no load. The products meet the requirements of GB1985 and other relevant standards.


ModelRated voltage (kV)Rated current (kA)Peak withstand current (KA)4 seconds short-time withstand current (KA)

Environmental Conditions

1. The altitude does not exceed 1000M;
2. The upper limit of ambient temperature is 40°C, and the lower limit is -25°C;
3. The wind speed does not exceed 35m/s;
4. There shall be no conductive or chemical corrosive gas and fire;
5. Places with explosion hazards;
6. The seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees.

Structure and Features

The isolating switch is composed of a base, an insulating support, a conductive part, and an operating mechanism. Each pole has two pillars, and the upper end of each pillar is equipped with a conductive switch blade, and the contacts of the two parts of the switch blade are in the middle of the middle pillars of the two poles. The lower ends of the pillars are equipped with bearing sleeves, driven by the operating mechanism, the knife can be rotated horizontally by 90°, so as to meet the requirements of opening and closing. The isolating switch is a single-pole type, and the three-pole type can also be connected into a three-pole type that can be linked through a connecting rod. Equipped with CSII or CS17 manual mechanism operation. Among them, CS17 is used for the isolating switch of the device with grounding. (Electric mechanism can be equipped as needed) It is not difficult to see from the above structure introduction that the isolating switch has a reasonable structure and flexible operation; it can be used with single pole or three poles, and it is easy to install; the contact knife has a large opening distance and safe insulation reliable. It can also be ungrounded or equipped with single-side grounding or double grounding according to user needs.