GN1-12D(W) Series

Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector Switch


GW1-12D(W) Disconnector Switch Outdoor High Voltage


GW1 outdoor high-voltage isolating switch (hereinafter referred to as isolating switch) is suitable for installation on outdoor 12KV lines, and is used for dividing and closing the lines when there is voltage and no load.
The isolating switch fully considers the different needs of users, and has two forms with grounding knife and without grounding knife. The switch with grounding knife is equipped with CS manual mechanism, which can prevent misoperations such as hanging the grounding wire with electricity and closing the isolating switch with the grounding wire, and the operator does not need to connect the grounding wire separately. There are two types of isolating switch: ordinary type and anti-pollution type. Among them, the anti-pollution type isolating switch can meet the requirements of seriously polluted areas, and can effectively solve the problem of pollution flashover during the operation of the isolating switch. The products meet the requirements of GB1985 and GB/T11022 and other standards.


1Rated voltagekV12 
2Rated currentA400,630,800,1000,1250 
3Rated peak withstand currentkA50,63,100The earthing switch is the same as the main switch
4Rated short-time withstand currentkA/4s20,25,40

Environmental Conditions

1. The altitude does not exceed 1000M;
2. The upper limit of ambient temperature is 40°C, and the lower limit is -25°C;
3. Places without conductive or chemically acting gases and vapors;
4. Places without fire, explosion hazard, or serious pollution;
5. Places that are not subject to severe vibration or impact (such as next to electric picks and dredgers).

Structure and Features

The isolation gate consists of three single-pole switches. Each single-pole isolating switch has the same components, including base, pillar and operating insulator, front and rear static contacts, switch knife and arc angle, etc. According to the needs of users, the one with grounding knife is equipped with CS□ operating mechanism, and the one without grounding generator is equipped with CS8-5 operating mechanism. The product has a large opening distance and is easy and reliable to operate.

When there is no circuit breaker on the line or the circuit breaker fails, the isolating switch allows opening and closing under the following conditions;

Split and close the charging current on the bus equipment;

Combine and divide the no-load current of the power transformer (at this time, the capacity of the transformer does not exceed 750KVA).