GN27-40.5 Disconnector Switch Series

Indoor High Voltage Disconnector Switch


GN27-40.5 Disconnector Switch 40.5kV


 GN27-40.5  Disconnector Switch

GN27-40.5 type indoor high-voltage Disconnector Switch is a new type of product. It is suitable for use in power systems with a rated voltage of 40.5KV and AC 50H2 for dividing and closing circuits with voltage and no load, and is a new generation product designed and produced to replace the old one. It can be used in conjunction with high-voltage switchgear or used alone. Equipped with CS6-2 operating mechanism. It is designed with reinforced insulation and can be used in Class II polluted places. The design is scientific, reasonable and structurally new: multiple contacts, rotating contact, good self-cleaning ability, improved heat dissipation: contact points in two surfaces, small operating torque, high contact pressure, easy to adjust: the use of large creepage distance, strengthening insulation capacity, withstand voltage to meet the highest requirements, the addition of bearings on the rotating shaft, improved service life, light operation.



 GN27-40.5  Disconnector Switch

Environmental Conditions

 GN27-40.5  Disconnector Switch

Ambient Conditions:

1.Ambient temperature: -25°C ~ +40°C;
2.Altitude: ≤1000m;
3.Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%;
4.Earthquake intensity: ≤8 level;
5.Installation places: no fire, explosion hazard, serious filthy, chemical corrosion or severe vibration.


Overall dimension