DGD-12kV Series

Outdoor High Voltage AC Disconnector Switch


DGD-12kV Outdoor High Voltage AC Disconnector Switch


DGD isolating switch is used in 12kV distribution network system, the rated current is 630A, the short-time withstand current is 20kA/4s, and the peak withstand current is 50kA. Power frequency and lightning impulse withstand voltage can reach the level of 2000 meters above sea level.

Security Lssues

Personnel responsible for installation, maintenance and operation of disconnectors should have instruction manuals.
Follow your company’s safety procedures.
Before installing, maintaining, and operating the isolating switch, please read the instruction manual carefully to avoid unnecessary casualties due to wrong operation of the switch.
The switch must be operated and maintained by professionals familiar with safety regulations. The manual is intended to be used as a reference for operation and maintenance personnel, but not as a substitute for the training and practice of such equipment safety regulations.
DGD isolating switch is a single-phase isolating switch on the outdoor column, which provides a visible break for maintenance personnel, and can also be used as a breaking point. Its structure is a double-column isolating switch. The insulator is locked on a hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion base with bolts, and the isolating switch can be operated by pulling the pull ring. The limit after the isolation knife is opened is 160° by default (it can be changed to 90° or removed to have no limit on site). When installing the DGD isolating switch, an optional installation back plate can be clamped on the cross arm to fix the switch during installation.
A DGD disconnect switch is a high voltage device that is usually operated with standard electrical isolation tools and care is taken to operate it correctly and safely. The operator should use the insulating pull rod to pull (push) the pull ring on the DGD to complete. The opening and closing operation of the DGD isolating switch should be carried out under no-load conditions.