Solid insulated switchgear (SIS) breaker unit


Solid insulated switchgear (SIS) breaker unit



Solid-insulated Ring Main Units use Solid insulating material as the Main insulating medium.

The vacuum arcing chamber and its conductive connection, isolating switch, grounding switch, main bus, branch bus and other leading circuits are single or combined with solid insulating medium and encapsulated into one or several fully insulated and fully sealed modules with certain functions, which can be recombined or expanded.The human accessible module surface is coated with a conductive or semi-conductive shield layer and can be directly and reliably grounded ring network cabinet.

Product feature

1. No gas leakage and greenhouse effect risk, good environmental performance, maintenance-free;

2. Epoxy resin whole cast fully sealed insulation structure, insulation performance is reliable, strong environmental adaptability;

3. Modular design, small size, flexible products, conducive to on-site assembly;For remote areas with poor road traffic conditions, it can be separated and transported, and then assembled, making the transportation and installation methods diversified.


Technical data sheet

  isolating switch unitVacuum Circuit Breakerisolating switch unitVacuum Circuit Breaker
Rated VoltagekV12122424
Arc Quenching  Vacuum Vacuum
Rated CurrentA630/1250
Rated FrequencyHz50/60
Main Circuit ResistanceμΩ≤120
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Between Phases, Phase to earth/open contacts     
Lightning ImpulsekV6075
Rated Short-circuit Breaking CurrentkA/20/25/31.5/20/25/31.5
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Timestimes/30/30
Rated Short-circuit Making CurrentkA/50/63/50/63
Rated Short-circuit Making Timestimes/5/5
Rated Short-time Withstand CurrentkA/4s/20/25/20/25
Rated Peak Withstand CurrentkA/50/63/50/63Out
Out-of-phase Earth Fault Breaking CurrentkA/17.3/21.7/ 
Partial DischargepC≤5
IP Rating IP67
Mechanical Endurancetimes100001000030003000