Gas Insulated Switchgear, RMU components

Cavanna GIS RMU

Gas Insulated Switchgear:

We can provide a series of SF6 RMU components and also give the technical supporting for valued customers to produce SF6 RMU. 

  • Incoming cabinets(C cabinet)
  • Fuse cabinets(F cabinet)
  • Vcb cabinets(V cabinet)
  • PT cabinets(PT cabinet)

Gas Insulated Switchgear Common combination of cabinet as follow:

  • C+C+C
  • C+C+F
  • C+F+C
  • C+V+V
  • C+C+F+F
  • C+V+V+PT
Item Unit C Cabinet F Cabinet V Cabinet CB Cabinet
LBS LBS+Fuse Vacuum circuit switch Disconnecting switch /ground switch Vacuum circuit breaker Disconnecting switch /ground switch
Rated voltage KV 12 12 12 12 12
Rated frequency HZ 50 50 50 50 50 50
Withstand voltage KV 42/48 42/48 42/48 42/48 42/48 42/48
BIL KV 75/85 75/85 75/8S 75/85 75/85 75/85
Rated current A 630 630 1250/630
Breaking capacity
Rated open circuit current A 630
Rated peak withstand current kA 50
Rated short-time withstand current kA/35 20
Rated short circuit breaking current kA 31.5 20 25
Rated transfer current A 1700
Max fuse current A 125
Mechanical service life Time 5000 3000 5000 2000 5000 5000

Non-extended standard modules of gas insulated switchgear:

Each module of the CA-SRM switch cabinet has the following configuration:

D cabinet – Lifting module,
Standard feature in “Cable connection module without grounding switch “
C cabinet – Load switch module
Standard feature in “Load Switch Module”
F cabinet – load switch fuse combined electrical module
Standard feature in “load switch fuse combination electrical module”
V cabinet – Vacuum switch module
Standard feature in Vacuum Switch Module

Capacitive voltage indicator for linear access bushings
SF6 density gauge is installed in each chamber
Hanging lugs for lifting
operating handle

gas insulated switchgear

General common gas tank combination:

Basic Functional Modules - Expansionable gas insulated switchgear

C cabinet – Load switch module (width =325mm)
De cabinet – Cable connection module with grounding knife (width =325mm)
D cabinet – cable connection module without grounding knife (width =325mm)
F cabinet – Load switch fuse combined electrical module (width =325mm)
V cabinet – Vacuum switch module (width =325mm)
SL cabinet – bus block switch module (load switch)(width =325mm)
SvBr cabinet – bus segment switch module (vacuum switch)( width =650mm)
Be cabinet – bus grounding module (width =325mm)
M/PT cabinet – meter module 12KV(width =650mm)
Meter module 24KV(width =900mm)
CB cabinet – Vacuum circuit breaker module (width =650mm)
Single CA-SRM module can only be used with an extension header. All width base on 12/24kV.

Components of gas insulated switchgear