Chassis Truck

DPC-1-800 for Chassis truck for VD4 650mm

Products details:

Overall dimension

DPC-1-800 for Chassis truck for VD4

Purpose and function of Chassis truck

Application: The chassis truck is mainly used for loading circuit breakers, mutual inductors and other components in draw-out switchgear, as an auxiliary operation for connecting the components to the busbar. The Chassis truck and The chassis trolley can meet the “five prevention” requirements in GB3906 when working with the internal mechanism of the circuit breaker and other interlocking mechanisms of the middle cabinet.
1、Only when the trolley is in the test/isolation or working position, the circuit breaker can be closed, and after the circuit breaker is closed. The handcart is in a closed state, which can prevent with load
The misconnection and misclosing of isolation contacts can be prevented.
2, the handcart in the work position or leave the test position about 10mm grounding switch can not be closed, to prevent misconnection with electricity grounding switch.
3. When the earth switch is closed, the trolley cannot be moved from the test or isolation position to the working position to prevent the earth switch from closing the circuit breaker when it is in the closed position.
4. Once the chassis trolley has entered the cabinet, the trolley cannot be withdrawn from the cabinet once it has left the test and isolation position.