Porcelain Suspension Insulator

Porcelain Suspension Insulator

Porcelain Pin Post Insulator


Porcelain insulator includes Suspension type, Pin type, Spool type, Strain/Guy type, Line Post type and Station Post type, which meet IEC, ANSI, AS, BS, etc. standards.


ANSI ClassPorcelain Suspension Insulator
Creepage distance (mm)520
Protected creepage distance (mm)260
Dry arcing distance (mm)260
Cantilever strength (kN)12.5
Power frequency flashover (kV)Dry (kV)90
Wet  (kV)65
Impulse withstand voltage (kV)150

Radio influence


Test Voltage to ground (kV)22
Maximum RIV at 1000kHz (uV)100
Net weight, Each, Approx (kg)10
Color of glaze:Brown


Porcelain Pin Post Insulator 11-24-36kV-Drawing