Enclosed Expulsion Fuse 12kV

Enclosed Expulsion Fuse


Enclosed Expulsion Fuse-12kV



Outdoor enclosed expulsion fuse is integrated with advanced technology, unique structure and high quality. It’s applicable to 12KV distribution transformer primary side for protection and open, close to the rated current.

In the design of Insulation enclosed type, let the movable and static contact and other parts without being exposed to natural environment, with resistance against wind, rain, snow and antioxidant etc., greatly improve the equipment fouling resistance, extend the service life.

The insulation design, improve the distribution network insulation level, reduce the incidence of accidents. Especially in urban distribution network, completely solved the problem of traditional dropout fuse’s bare spots.
Enclosed structure to avoid the internal contact contaminated increases the contact resistance. Ensure the effectiveness of the device electrical performance, and to avoid the fuse insulation resistance degradation caused by fouling.
Insulated enclosed design, which can effectively reduce equipment installation space, save space.
In and out lead with rubber an integrated structure, which can effectively prevent dust pollution, salt pollution, etc.
When fuse is blown, fuse tube will pop up, the lower seal cover falls off, the pop-up parts can easily be recognized.
Fuse with function of load current opening and losing, so that loading operation can be realized.
Safe ejection type design, fault broken rate is 100%.
Security design: using special tool operation, connectors to the original switch lever.
Overhand design: any environment can effectively prevent fall off.
First design: fuse tube and handling rod together, operation more safety, closing rate 100% .


Rated Voltage12KV
Rated Frequency 50HZ
Fuse Base Rated Current100A
Fuse Rated Current6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 75, 80, 100A
Rated Breaking Current12.5KA
Mechanical Stability500Times
Insulation ClassBClass
Insulating PropertyParametersPower Frequency 
Withstand Voltage
Power Frequency 
Withstand Voltage (Wet)
To ground423075KV