CA HBLQ-51/134 Series

Back-Elbow type Lightning Arrester, 35kV surge arrester Series

35kV/51kV 134kV

CA HBLQ-51/134, Back-Elbow type Lightning Arrester


CA HBLQ-34/78kV European-style followed by arrester provide a reliable protective medium voltage network. Using the semi-conductive shield to make sure the person is safe and the equipment can work well, also they have the high quantity to make sure they can work in the Circumstances.

♦DIN47636-7-1990 Power cable detachable accessory sleeve with protruding cone, sleeve with Um below 36kV and detachable connector device size;

♦exposed semiconductor sheath of ANSI IEEE 592-1990 high voltage cable joint and separable insulated connector;

♦     IEC60502 extruded insulated power cables and their accessories with rated voltage above 1kV (um = 1.2kV) to 30kV (um = 35kV);

♦     IEC61442 test method for power cable accessories with rated voltage from 6kV (um = 7.2kV) to 30kv (um = 35kV)

♦GB12706-2002 extruded insulated power cables and their accessories with rated voltage of 1 kV (um = 1.2kV) to 35kV (um = 40.5kV);

♦     Insulation coordination of high voltage transmission and distribution equipment; ♦GB/T 41.9-1999 Technical conditions of high-pressure casing;

♦GB11032-2010 AC gap less metal oxide arrester;

♦DIN47636-7-1990 detachable accessory sleeve of power cable with protruding cone sleeve with Um below 35kV and detachable connector device size.


CA CPC12kV/24kV Cable terminal protection

Continuous voltage ratings   
ProjectParameter (15kV)Parameter (24kV)Parameter (35kV)
Continuous operating voltage8.7kV/15kV12/20kV 18/20kV 26kV/35kV
Ac  withstand voltage45kV/1min55kV/5min117kV/5min
DC withstand voltage53kV/15min78kV/15min104kV
1.5/50 u s Impulse withstand voltage95kV125kV215kV
<10PCPartial discharge voltage15kV20 kV45kV
Current rating   
Project250AMP 600AM P
Heat stable current16kA1s 30kA2s
Peak withstand current40 kA 105kA
Behaviour Of Electricity  
DescriptionUnitParameters (kV)
Continuous operating voltagekV35
Impulse withstand voltagekVp1
Rated voltagekV73.0≤U1mADC≤s77.5
Residual currentmA≤50
lmpulse 2msA170/18 times
withstand voltage of insulation S&ftSI&Seal testingkV82

Order Number

DescriptionReference No_
35kV Back-Elbow type Lightning Arreste followed by arresterCA HBLQ-51/134