CA CPC12kV/24kV Cable terminal protection Series

Cable terminal protection, rubber insulation Cap

12kV 24kV 630A


CA CPC12kV/24kV Cable terminal protection

12kV/24kV 630A Insulated Protective Cap is an accessory device designed to electrically insulate and mechanically seal loadbreak bushing interfaces. When mated to a load break product and the drain wire is attached to ground ,the Insulated Protective Cap provides a fully shielded, submersible insulating cover for energized bushings.

The Insulated Protective Cap can be used for permeanent or temporary installation on 200A bushings, junctions or insulated stand off bushing.


CA CPC12kV/24kV Cable terminal protection

Continuous voltage ratings   
ProjectParameter (15kV)Parameter (24kV)Parameter (35kV)
Continuous operating voltage8.7kV/15kV12/20kV 18/20kV 26kV/35kV
Ac  withstand voltage45kV/1min55kV/5min117kV/5min
DC withstand voltage53kV/15min78kV/15min104kV
1.5/50 u s Impulse withstand voltage95kV125kV215kV
<10PCPartial discharge voltage15kV20 kV45kV
Current rating   
Project250AMP 600AM P
Heat stable current16kA1s 30kA2s
Peak withstand current40 kA 105kA
Behaviour Of Electricity  
DescriptionUnitParameters (kV)
Continuous operating voltagekV35
Impulse withstand voltagekVp1
Rated voltagekV73.0≤U1mADC≤s77.5
Residual currentmA≤50
lmpulse 2msA170/18 times
withstand voltage of insulation S&ftSI&Seal testingkV82

Order Number

DescriptionReference No_
Rubber insulation CapCA CPC12kV 
Rubber insulation CapCA CPC24kV