Indoor Vacuum Circuuit Breaker

12kV 24kV Drawout type

360A 1250A 1600A 2000A  



◆ This indoor vacuum circuit breaker is a high voltage switch device suited to three phase power systems with rated voltage of 12/24kV and frequency 50Hz, used as protection and control unit for power equipment. These vacuum circuit breakers are suitable for areas requiring frequent operations of rated operating current or multiple switching of short circuit current.

◆ Side-mounted indoor vacuum circuit breaker is provided in fixed installation, suitable for fixed switchgear. This circuit breaker can be used individually or used for ring distribution networks, substations or various power distribution systems.


Environmental Conditions

◆ Ambient temperature: up to +40°C, greater than -15°C;
◆ Relative humidity: daily average ≤ 95%, monthly average ≤ 90%;
◆ Altitude: lower than 1000 m;
◆ Earthquake intensity: ≤ magnitude 8;
◆ Areas without risks of fire, explosion, pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration;


Technical Parameters

Rated voltagekV1224
Rated currentA630,125,016,002,000630,125,016,002,000
Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA20,25,31.520,25,31.5
Rated short-circuit making currentkA50,63,8050,63,80
Rated peak withstand currentkA50,63,8050,63,80
Rated short-circuit withstand current (4S)kA20, 25, 31.520, 25, 31.5
Power frequency withstand voltagekV42/4865/79
Impulse withstand voltagekV75/85125/145
Rated operating sequence O—0.3s—CO— 180s—OO0—0.3s—CO— 180s—00
Mechanical enduranceTimes1000010000