CA QJT-12/630 Series

Cable elbow front-connector, Deadbreak elbow Series

12kV 630A

CA QJT-12/630, Cable Connectors



Single-phase or three-phase insulated cables are connected to other equipment such as transformers, switch cabinets, and branch boxes through 630A prefabricated connectors.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Maximum system voltage 24kV

Continuous rated current 630A (900A overload can last for 8 hours)

Cable characteristics

Polymer insulation (XLPE, ERP, etc.)

Copper or aluminum conductor

With semi-conductive or metal shielding

Conductor size: 12kV 25-500mm224kV 25-400mm2


Provides a fully shielded and fully sealed separable connection when mated with a suitable sleeve or plug; Long-term operation under water and other harsh conditions;

The built-in capacitor test point is used to determine the live state of the line and must be used in conjunction with a live display;

No minimum phase safety margin requirements;

The installation can be vertical, horizontal or at any angle.

ANSI IEEE std386-2006 separable insulated connector system for distribution systems above 600V;

ANSI IEEE 592-1990 exposed semiconductor sheath for high voltage cable splices and separable insulate connectors;

IEC60502 rated voltage 1 kV (Um=1.2kV) or more to 30kV (Um=36kV) extruded insulated power cable and it accessories;

IEC61442 rated voltage 6 kV (Urn = 7.2kV) to 30kV (Urn = 36) power cable accessories test method; GB12706-2002 rated voltage lkV (Um = 1.2kV) to 35kV (Um=40.5kV) extruded insulated power cable and it accessories;

GB311.1-1997Insulation coordination of high voltage transmission and distribution equipment;

GB/T41.9-1999 high pressure bushing technical conditions;

GB11032-2010 AC gapless metal oxide lightning arrester;

Din47636-7-1990 power cable with protruding cone can be divided into accessory sleeve, urn is les than 36kV sleeve and detachable connector device size.


Continuous voltage ratings   
Continuous operating voltage8.7kV/14.4kV12/20kV 18/20kV26kV/35kV
AC withstand voltage42kV/lmin55kV/5min117kV/5min
DC withstand voltage53kV/15min78kV/15min104min
1.5/50 p s Impulse withstand voltage95kV125kV215kV
<10PC Partial discharge voltage13 kV20kV45kV
Current rating  
Item250AMP600AM P
Heat stable current16kA Is30kA 2s
Peak withstand current40kA105kA

Order Number

Referece No.Conductor cross section(mm2)Stretch range over insulation(mm)Cable TypeCorresponding  Code
CA QJT-12/630-252516.68.7/15A
CA QJT-12/630-353517.68.7/15A
CA QJT-12/630-5050198.7/15A
CA QJT-12/630-707020.68.7/15B
CA QJT-12/630-959522.28.7/15B
CA QJT-12/630-12012023.68.7/15C
CA QJT-12/630-15015025.28.7/15C
CA QJT-12/630-18518526.78.7/15C
CA QJT-12/630-240240298.7/15D
CA QJT-12/630-30030031.28.7/15D
CA QJT-12/630-40040034.48.7/15E
CA QJT-12/630-50050037.28.7/15F