Outdoor AC High Voltage Disconnector Switch

12kV 40.5kV

GW -12 (40.5)/630-20 Outdoor AC High Voltage Disconnector Switch


GW□-12 (40.5)/630-20 outdoor AC high-voltage isolating switch (hereinafter referred to as isolating switch) is based on the original product of our company, and has been designed and updated to make the structure more reasonable and the operation more reliable. This switch is suitable for power systems with a frequency of 50Hz and a rated voltage of 12KV or 40.5KV. The switchgear is installed on the outdoor high-voltage power distribution equipment line, which is used to open and close the circuit when the line has voltage and no load. Among them, the anti-pollution isolation switch has the problem of pollution flashover during operation. The switch is linked by three poles, with good synchronism, and equipped with an arc striking device and an over-center spring, which can realize quick opening and closing. Compared with similar products, this switch has the advantages of breaking and closing small inductance and capacitive current.


No.Item UnitData
1Rated voltagekV12、40.5
2Rated currentA630
3Rated frequencyHz50
4Rated peak withstand currentkA50、63
5Rated short-time withstand currentkA20/25
6Rated short-time withstand current durations4
7Main circuit resistanceμΩ12kV≤90     40.5≤90
81min (dry type) power frequency withstand voltage (effective value)Inter-pole, pole-to-ground/isolation fracturekV40/48         95/115
91min (wet type) power frequency withstand voltage (effective value)30         85
10Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value)75/85        185/215
11Mechanical lifetimes2000

Environmental Conditions

1. The upper limit of the ambient air temperature: +40°C, the lower limit -25°C, and the daily temperature difference does not exceed 32K;
2. Altitude: 3000m and below;
3. The wind pressure should not exceed 700P. (equivalent to wind speed 34m/s);
4. Degree of air pollution: Class IV in accordance with Article 4.1 of GB5582;
5. The thickness of ice coating shall not exceed 10mm.

Structure and Features

The isolating switch is composed of a base, a pillar, an operating insulator, a static contact, a contact knife, an arc striking device and a linkage spring mechanism, etc. Its appearance and main dimensions are shown in Figure 1 and Table 2.
Base: bent from a 5mm thick steel plate, the shaft with the pull arm traverses the middle. Holes are drilled on the base for fixing post insulators, installing grounding screws and fixing each pole during installation, and there are slots on the top for pull arms.
Post and operating insulators: Zs-12, 40.5 series outdoor rod-shaped post insulators are used, and the minimum bending damage load is 4000s. The operating insulator in the middle is used as a pull rod, the upper end is connected with the contact knife, and the lower end is connected with the pull arm.
Contact knife: The contact knife is composed of two copper plates with a rectangular cross-section, and pressure springs are attached to both ends of the contact knife to adjust the contact pressure.
The arc strike rod is made of stainless steel.
The switch is operated by a connecting rod, equipped with a CS□ mechanism and installed vertically or horizontally on an outdoor I-beam or electric pole.